[ppml] [address-policy-wg] Those pesky ULAs again

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Mon Jun 4 11:56:23 EDT 2007

> I agree that requireing the use of 64 bits for interface identifiers is a
> monumental waste of address space. Is there a proposal of any type to change
> the requirement to use EUI64 interface identifiers with globally routable PI
> address space?

no.  but as someone else here has said, "the ietf is whoever shows up at the
meetings or joins the mailing lists or writes internet drafts."  so anyone
here who wanted to propose a /112 DHCPv6 alternative to EUI64 can just do it.

(of course, all that will do is expose more definitively that the resource we
actually have to watch out for is routing table size, both in the DFZ and in
smaller internets, and show the absurdity of arguing /56 vs. /48 for homes.)

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