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> >Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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> >> In 2 years a policy could be submitted and approved that would 
> >> radically raise prices on the IPv6 block and require you 
> to pay for 
> >> both blocks.  As long as both allocations
> >> (IPv4 and IPv6) are separate, the fear of getting jacked 
> over in the 
> >> future is a real possibility.

If you fear this, you should nominate, campaign for, and elect
Board members who assuage your fear.

> Once IPv4 space is no longer needed for routing on the 
> Internet, if the fees for IPv6 are practically nothing, how 
> exactly is ARIN going to stay in business?  Selling peat?

Is that a real fear?  I plan to do whatever I legally and 
ethically can to protect the mission of ARIN.

> Ted


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