[ppml] Keeping the story straight

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Sat Jun 2 16:02:26 EDT 2007

> Unfortunately volunteers offering a service can't be trusted by
> organizations, as the service can vanish and then you're in trouble.

Ehmm. Hold on there for a few seconds. That subject really doesn't
match the content, but lets make it match quite a bit more.

Are you implying that SixXS can't be trusted!? I am really wondering
what you are trying to imply with that statement.

Did you notice that http://www.sixxs.net/tools/grh/ula/ contains a
list of all the allocations that have been made? (inet6num.txt)
Do you realize that that list is VERY easy to mirror.
Do you realize that that list is nicely mirrored into Google and
various other crawler bots who crawl the web?

Claiming that it can 'vanish' is just pathetic. SixXS won't 'vanish',
there are too many people very happily using the services that it
provides, and actually we are more than enjoying ourselves in
providing the various great services that it provides to the
community. Neither Pim or I have any intentions of letting the project
vanish. As long as people have a need for free help in getting IPv6
going in their organizations we are ready to assist them with the help
and experience that we can provide them.

I've also stated, but I'll do it again, that if/when one of the
RIR/IETF/IANA has a registry for these things that we can provide them
with the current list, and redirect the page to that resource.
Those are the 'authoritive' places, and we play in that game.

Next to that, you are definitely mixing up ULA-C with normal ULA's.
Normal ULA's, according to RFC4193 don't have any registered part.
ULA-C's are not accepted by the registry we run, which is not so
strange as there is no RFC covering fc00::/8. The ULA registry that
currently is at http://www.sixxs.net/tools/grh/ula/ allows people
merely to register their ULA's so that it might decrease the chance of
collisions a little bit more.

> Sorry, but this ULA-Central need a serious proven and stable service

And are you implying here that SixXS is not a proven and not stable

I do sincerely hope that you are not trying to insult all the hard
work that has gone and more that will go into into this project by a
lot of people and several great companies that have been supporting
this project for the last couple of years. I feel _very_ insulted by
the statements you are making here and I really hope that you are
meaning something completely different.

What are you going to claim next, that Team Cymru, who also are doing
great work, should not maintain bogon lists because they are not a

> and the RIRs are already doing so for other kinds of addresses.They are the
> perfect fit, and the alternative is IANA or a third party organization.

How is SixXS not a "third party organization"?

> Of course, if the community prefers going that way and have a third party
> organizations running that registry, I'm fine and all will pay the
> consequences sooner or later.

Sorry, but all of this coming from someone who is abusing his
"Experimental IPv6 Allocation", thus avoiding paying of LIR fees, so
that it can be used to do an "Experimental IPv6 ISP Service" as you
described it last week on these lists, sounds really really bad.


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