[ppml] Keeping the story straight

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Sat Jun 2 15:27:14 EDT 2007

Unfortunately volunteers offering a service can't be trusted by
organizations, as the service can vanish and then you're in trouble.

Sorry, but this ULA-Central need a serious proven and stable service, and
the RIRs are already doing so for other kinds of addresses. They are the
perfect fit, and the alternative is IANA or a third party organization. As I
indicated several times, in my opinion doing so will not be any good for the
RIR system.

Of course, if the community prefers going that way and have a third party
organizations running that registry, I'm fine and all will pay the
consequences sooner or later.


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>> actually I think ULA/ULA-C are not about routability (atleast not
>> on the public Internet) at all, they are about 'uniqueness' and a
>> backup plan when someone creates a 'unique' space that is the
>> same as your 'unique' space... where that backup plan in ULA-C
>> is: "I registered this properly, go rechoose and this time register..."
> ULA-C uses a different prefix from ULA-L, so nobody using ULA-C (if it
> passes and is implemented) should ever collide with anyone people using
> ULA-L.  The only possible collision is between two orgs using ULA-L, and the
> RFC covers the odds of that happening.
> OTOH, one participant in this discussion has already created a voluntary
> system where folks who want to register ULA-L prefixes can do so, and there
> will be zero collisions between participants in that system.  That gets all
> of the supposed benefits of ULA-C without any additional work by the IETF,
> IANA, or RIRs and costs no money.  Bingo, ULA-C is now even more pointless
> than it already was.
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