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Although I have been out of the cable internet business for some time now
(someone else who is there now might want to chime in) but we had a huge
need for large blocks of unique addresses.  RFC1918 space was a huge problem
for us for a number of reasons.

We had a large number of devices that needed IP addresses but never needed
to be reached outside our network.  We had cable modems, set-top boxes,
etc.  The nature of the cable industry is that cable companies are often
swapping properties and the like.  So we were constantly having to deal with
overlapping RFC1918 space.  And absolutely EVERYONE started their addressing
plan at !

We easily used up all of the RFC1918 space and then had to deal with what to
do next.  A large unique space that could be used for these activities would
have been quite helpful.  Of course it is the case that regular routed IPv6
space filtered at the network boundaries would  have worked fine too.  I
almost think that I would prefer that because then I would have the choice
of using it on my routed infrastructure as I saw fit.


On 6/1/07, Christopher Morrow <christopher.morrow at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/31/07, Tony Hain <alh-ietf at tndh.net> wrote:
> > what point. On the one hand people take the high-road and say ARIN does
> not
> > talk about routability, while on the other people want to refuse space
> to
> > people unless it is 'routed in the public Internet'. I would actually
> prefer
> > to remove all discussion about routability and just talk about managing
> the
> > IPv6 pool.
> >
> > People should be able to get a PI block and a ULA-C block, and what they
> do
> > with those is not ARIN's concern as long as they maintain their
> membership.
> actually I think ULA/ULA-C are not about routability (atleast not on
> the public Internet) at all, they are about 'uniqueness' and a backup
> plan when someone creates a 'unique' space that is the same as your
> 'unique' space... where that backup plan in ULA-C is: "I registered
> this properly, go rechoose and this time register..."
> I think the discussion of 'routability' just confuses the issue, which
> is really 'uniqueness'.
> -Chris
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