[ppml] Motivating migration to IPv6

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Tue Jul 31 19:04:34 EDT 2007

scott wrote:

> I think most/all of the operators on this list understand the necessity of
> being ready to use IPv6 (for some definition of "ready") before IPv4
> exhaustion hits.

how long before, though?  that's the rub.  everybody wants everybody else to
go first, because they don't want to pre-depreciate their capital, or be left
as a Beta user in a VHS world (like with early versions of DNSSEC), or be the
ones creating a network value effect that incents others to join the party.

(is it a news flash that we can't all be the last ones to the IPv6 party?)

> And, like us, I suspect most operators have been going after the low-hanging
> fruit, making sure new hardware supports IPv6, getting their allocation /
> assignment from ARIN, etc.  As exhaustion nears, we'll need to start
> reaching a little higher, and even bring out the step-ladders, but I don't
> anticipate we'll need bucket-trucks for awhile.

by my reading of the tea leaves, you need the bucket trucks right now.  but i
might lay off if you submit an "ipv6 transition in practice" talk to ABQ NANOG
and did a similar preso for the ABQ ARIN as well, just to demonstrate the hard
realities of getting this done, and helping others consider their own
situations in light of yours.


ps. i'm not speaking as an arin trustee in this message.

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