[ppml] Motivating migration to IPv6

Craig Finseth craig.finseth at state.mn.us
Tue Jul 31 17:09:48 EDT 2007

   Have you deployed IPv6 across your network yet?  If not, could you do so 
   within 6 months?  An IPv4 allocation is usually sized for 6 months of 

We have some IPv6, mainly for our testing.

Very little customer demand.  Higher education, mostly.

   growth, so this proposal would require all growing IP networks to deploy 
   IPv6 within 6 months, instead of allowing them to do so over the next 
   few years (between now and when they can no longer grow with IPv4).  I 
   don't know about you, but such a mandate would significantly increase 
   our cost of deploying IPv6, for no real benefit.

I didn't say that the proposal was perfect.  Merely that it seems to
actually be doing something useful by attmpting to match growth in one
area to growth in another.

And it sure beats the "let's all try to make everyone's lives
miserable, but without actually doing anything to solve any real
problem" proposals that have been on the list lately.


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