[ppml] PIv6 for legacy holders (/w RSA + efficient use)

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Jul 31 15:22:34 EDT 2007

>> giving PI space to anyone who passes on the street corner is not gonna
>> do one bleeding thing for ipv6 other than make a future mess and have
>> folk screaming about those who got space in the big give-away of the
>> 2008-2010 era, just as they scream at legacy holders today.
> While I generally agree, there is one subtle difference between a
> hypothetical IPv6 giveaway and the legacy IPv4 space: current IPv6
> recipients will only receive such space from an RIR, and presumably
> will have signed an RSA in order to do so.

the ipv4 legacy holders fulfilled all the formalisms of those days.
things change over a couple of decades.  induce ...


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