[ppml] PIv6 for legacy holders (/w RSA + efficient use)

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> In my opinion, it would be foolish for any organization to attempt a
> conversion from IPv4 to IPv6 at this time, even a phased 
> conversion. It
> makes far more sense to begin implementing IPv6 with the 
> intent that in
> the near future, all internal network GROWTH will be accomodated with
> IPv6 infrastructure. IPv4 is not going away and if you have ARIN
> allocations/assignments today, you will have them even after 
> the global
> IPv4 free pool is exhausted.

For a lot of organizations, this makes sense.

However, if I want to start now there are a lot of things I need that do
not seem to be available:

-- IPv6 addresses -- If I can demonstrate that I'm going to use a lot of
IPv6 addresses and can use them efficiently, I can get an assignment,
but I'm probably never going to use more than 10 subnets.

-- Firewall -- Yes, I could build my own with linux and freely available
software.  We did that with IPv4 10 years ago.  Today, I would prefer to
purchase an off-the-shelf model.

-- Software support -- Many operating systems have some level of IPv6
support in them.  But what about data-access protocols such as ODBC,
JDBC, and OCI?  I can't test these until I have an IPv6 network in

If IPv6 is going to be adopted, there has to be a critical mass of
network devices and software that supports it.

That critical mass has to include both high-end and medium to low-end
routers & firewalls.  I'm only going to purchase a couple of US$ 5,000
devices, so we need a lot of organizations like mine to drive vendors to
build US$ 5,000 level devices.

To do this, we need a lot of organizations that say "Hey, we now have
IPv6 addresses, we need equipment and software that use them."


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