[ppml] PIv6 for legacy holders (/w RSA + efficient use)

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Jul 30 04:57:31 EDT 2007

>> i assume dual stack core before we move an inch, i.e. out of stage
>>  0.  and we are getting the dual stack core now.  transit providers
>>  who don't make that move will see it on their bottom line in one
>> or two years.  one problem is that (some) router vendor support is
>>  still mediocre, so stalling increases the value of your capital.
> i don't understand that final sentence.

stalling a hardware upgrade gets me better hardware for the same bucks.

> other than completing buildouts which were already planned and in 
> progress when IPv4 depletion occurs, i'm not sure what force will 
> drive IPv4 space to a higher price.

folk who can stall going to v6 by buying v4 space will drive up cost of
v4 space.

> i am now completely off the rails of this message.  for one thing you
>  seem to be assuming that overcoming alternative cost is itself a 
> cost-free event and that it will be instantaneous and that the 
> "market" will have perfect knowledge.

i missed where i said those things.  though i suspect ebay, or a
specialized brokerage, may make v4 prices somewhat transparent.  but the
costs of conversion to v6 will be far less easy to quantify, and hence
may seem larger than they actually are.

> for another thing you seem to assume that the step function in value 
> (customer's reachability) and cost (training, equipment, operations) 
> for those who choose an IPv6 alternative _as a result of_ IPv4 
> "costs" rather than having planned for it, will be so low as to not 
> be called a catastrophy.

yep.  the net is not going to balkanize.  so you can pay one set of
costs now, a slightly different set in a year, another a year more out,
etc.  no radical change is going to happen here.


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