[ppml] Soliciting comments: IPv4 to IPv6 fast migration

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> NANPA had *RESERVED* NNX codes of the form n0n so that switches could
> distinguish NPA's from NNX's in the first 3 digits dialed. I don't
> believe that NANPA ever mandated any technology change. The switching
> technology was already in place long before 10-digit dialing was
> introduced anywhere.
> But that is not all that NANPA did. They also moved to allocating
> smaller blocks and I believe there were changes to reporting. In any
> case, there is far more detailled phone number usage reporting than we
> have in ARIN. And there are more strict rules on things like how long
> you can leave a number unused before assigning it to another customer.

With some amount of push from customers and lawmakers, the telephone
companies have moved from Provider Agregatable phone numbers to Provider
Independent phone numbers.


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