[ppml] Dean Anderson, and the future of the IPv4 Internet.

David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Wed Jul 25 17:00:15 EDT 2007

> >The current rules are that you must agree to certain things as a
> >condition
> >of getting address space assigned to you. In the distance past, address
> >space
> wrong, IPv4 address space, not address space.
> >was treated essentially as property. Legacy holders can make a
> >reasonable claim that they own their address space
> wrong, IPv4 address space, not address space.
> >and are grandfathered.
> >
> >It is not clear what legal or administrative process would be
> >appropriate to
> >defeat this claim.

> Unnecessary.  IPv6 was never treated as "property" so even if this screwy
> daffynition of numbers as property were to ever hold up in silly-court, it
> would only apply to IPv4.

I don't get it, why would you bring IPv6 into a discussion that had nothing
whatsoever to do with IPv6 just to point out that it has nothing to do with
IPv6? Oh, I see, it so that you appear to respond to my argument without
addressing it.


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