[ppml] Dean Anderson, and the future of the IPv4 Internet.

Martin Hannigan martin.hannigan at batelnet.bs
Wed Jul 25 16:44:02 EDT 2007

Dean Anderson made my evening by saying:

> I agree, that the US government may be replaced at some
> point. I suspect that the UN will probably be the
> replacement. 

Ok then.

> It won't be a group like the MoUvment from
> 1998, which is what the ASO looks like.  The groups that
> really complain are the third world. And they don't trust
> the ASO either.  The ASO is the status quo group that they
> are fighting.


> On the one hand, a group wants anarchy and no
> accountability (the ASO), and other the other hand, there
> is a group that wants fair play and honest accountable
> government.  But you have to have government and
> accountability. The choices of government are the US and
> the UN.


There is an election for Sandy George's expiring seat on the
ASO AC coming up at the next ARIN meeting. I will be happy
to nominate you to run to fill his seat if you'd like. 

Best Regards,

Martin Hannigan
ASO AC Member

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