[ppml] Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is a mailing list when we are unable to speak?

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Wed Jul 25 14:21:59 EDT 2007

The patent deception only became public in February this year.  Russ
Housley has only been the IETF chair since March.  It was only discussed
on the TLS Working Group list in May. And I created a web page in June.
The IETF is meeting now in Chicago for the first time since March.  
Whether Housley resigns might be part of their current discussions.  
(Since the issue probably wasn't well known in March, one can't really
criticize them for not booting Housley until after this meeting). Some
organizations I work with, haven't even settled on the wording of the
announcement yet. We are working on that now.

I guess its been a long few months for a few people. Also, Housley's
resignation would be a symbol of contrition and is certainly
appropriate, but it won't solve the underlying problems.

I didn't respond to Ted's original message because, well, it seemed a
bit insober, and was sent on a Friday night.


On Wed, 25 Jul 2007, Colin Alston wrote:

> On 21/07/2007 01:11 Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> > No, I haven't noticed - Russ Housley is still IETF chair, you have been
> > complaining about him and the patented TLS issue for a couple years, now.
> This whole argument is almost as old as those over the Gaza-strip. At 
> least though if it were over something of life threatening importance 
> people might be interesting - I'm quite bored though.
> Frankly, if people are able to debate a no-win argument for this 
> length of time (I saw it going on about 2 years back when I was on the 
> IETF list briefly) they must have a great deal of spare time.
> I'm tempted to ramble along the lines of "Peace my bothers, we must 
> work together in these troubled times of IPv4 extinction", but rather 
> pretend I didn't...
> Thanks for the sum of events so far Leo.

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