[ppml] Dean Anderson, and the future of the IPv4 Internet.

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Tue Jul 24 14:41:47 EDT 2007

On Tue, 24 Jul 2007, Leo Bicknell wrote:
> I think Dean, in this case, is the canary in the coal mine.

Thanks, Leo.

> Legacy space has been transferred.  In some cases completely
> legitimately, in some cases fraudulently; and in many cases in some
> sort of grey area.

Possibly true in general. However, no legacy space has been transferred
in the case of 130.105/16. The OSF still exists, and is still the
assignee.  I am merely the contact for the space, because the OSF allows

There are no legitimate disputes over 130.105/16 or 198.3.136/21 being
hijacked or disused, whatsoever.

But there are some apparent illegitimate reasons. I exposed some of
Vixies schemes some years ago. I think particularly the Anycast issue
and the AXFR "clarify" scam (fall 2002 - spring 2003). But I also
asserted that Antitrust would apply to blacklists and that ECPA would
apply to ISPs in the late 1990s.  Vixie and cronies did other things to
retaliate for those early disputes.  Though I did tend to say I was
vindicated in the ECPA and Antitrust disputes after the Exactis v. MAPS
case became well-known in 2002, and after NANOG held a seminar on the
ECPA in 2002.  In 2003 in approximate conjunction with the AXFR-clarify
dispute and roughly the beginning of the Anycast dispute, I think it can
be seen that Vixie and cronies just retaliated by trying to interfere
with AV8 Internet business using blacklists and lies.

Vixie et al have plenty of reason to dislike me: I have effectively
opposed them at times. But they have no legitimate reason to use
quasi-governmental privileges and positions of influence and trust
against me. There is no legitimate reason to lie.

This sort of defamatory attack is very similar to what Alan Brown did
with ORBS--Events for which he lost 3 defamation suits. Similarly to
SORBS, in 2 of the suits, Brown had another (financial) dispute with
ISPs, and used the ORBS blacklist to retaliate.  In the 3rd suit, Brown
also made defamatory statements against Domainz, in order to profit.  
ORBS was shut for contempt of Court. Brown lost his business to pay
damages.  Incidentally, Brown is also associated with SORBS and Vixie
through the false statements about Av8 Internet. SORBS picked up the
exact text used by Brown.

And for the record, I think Vixie professes to have no association with
SORBS. But in September 1997, Vixie also claimed to have no association
with MAPS after concerns about conspiracy in restraint of trade. And we
know that turned out to be false.  ISC.ORG hosts SORBS. As demonstrated
by Media3 v MAPS, when you host abuse, you can be described as
associated with abuse.  I think Vixie's support of SORBS is deeper than
Media3's support of its spam customers.  It seems that SORBS was
organized to defeat the successful claims in Exactis v. MAPS and the
successful claims against ORBS, by moving SORBS offshore and having a
purported pauper (Matthew Sullivan) profess to be the sole responsible
person for SORBS.  However, we can still show Vixie's association with
the SORBS activity and show his previous attempts at dissembling about
similar associations.

These serious, unethical activities and abuse of powers are a stain on
the integrity of the people who make them, and on the integrity of the
people who are associated and allied with the false statements.
Therefore, I call for Paul Vixie to removed from the ARIN Board of


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