[ppml] Dean Anderson, and the future of the IPv4 Internet.

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Jul 24 14:13:41 EDT 2007

> It's IANA's problem.  It's ARIN's problem.  It's DARPA and the DOD's
> problem.  It may turn out to be the courts problem, but most of
> all, it's the community's problem.  Should netblock ownership and
> routing slots descend into some sort of Mad Max type of future we're
> all going to loose, big time.  Secure routing is never going to
> work if we can't figure out who gets the certificate.
Actually, Leo, I think that paragraph may have hit on a good portion
of the solution:

ARIN is not required to provide any NEW services to legacy holders
without an RSA.  I doubt anyone will dispute that.

So, simple suggestion here (let's see what kind of opposition it

ARIN should start issuing certificates for prefixes handed out by
ARIN.  ARIN should issue those certificates ONLY to recipients
who have signed an ARIN RSA and only for the prefixes which are
covered under said RSA.

If secure routing starts using those certificates and becomes popular,
then, the ability to get a certificate becomes a carrot for legacy  
to sign an RSA.


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