[ppml] Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is a mailing list when we are unable to speak?

bill fumerola billf at powerset.com
Fri Jul 20 16:29:29 EDT 2007

[ oops, reposting from my subscribed address. this is still my one and
  only post on the topic of not feeding the Vixie conspiracy troll ]

On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 07:15:56PM -0400, Dean Anderson wrote:
> I think one is a vixie crony when they associate with Vixie and his
> other cronies. I've had enough dealing with you and Owen in other forums
> to claim that you both are a Vixie cronies.  If you don't like the
> label, you should choose your associates more carefully.

Stephen is a smart guy. Vixie is a smart guy. they both work in the same
industry. it stands to reason that from time to time they would agree
in common forums. i'm sure you have a twenty-page response brewing in
your head linking mail headers, traceroutes, number resource registrations,
list archives, case law, and god knows what else linking them. save it.

every mail from you on every list i see you on (and to paraphrase you,
"i've seen enough dealings with you in other forums") is some sort of
conspiracy theory about how some Secret Internet Junto is harming you
and/or your Very Important Business. at minimum, it's annoying. more
topically, it's counter-productive. most of all, it's trolling of the
highest order. you're really good at it, i will credit you with that.

the IETF/IESG/etc has already had to deal with you for years. volunteer
time has been wasted, the open process is threatened when people avoid
the mailing lists and turn to private discussions to avoid the insane
rants of trolls, and here we go again. same shit, different channel.


List moderators: please consider this a request to review Mr. Anderson's
posts against the charter of the list and take any and all appropriate
actions. specifically, i'd ask to consider the personal attacks and
accusations he makes towards members. consider the baseless inferences
of wrongdoing towards members in good standing clearly trying to improve
the policies of ARIN.

List members: I apologize for keeping this on-list, but i hope that you
will consider NOT taking the bait, doing a little research (look at the
results from the above search URLs) and realizing the virtual thorn in
the side that comes with Mr. Anderson's existance on any open policy &
engineering lists. just ignore him. it's for the better.

i want to talk policy, not conspiracy theories. i believe the rest of
us are here for the same reason. i'll take a hundred "how do i unsubscribe
posts" over the drivel that lists are reduced to when Mr. Anderson shifts
his fingers into high gear.

this will be my only public post on the matter.

-- bill 

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