[ppml] Policy Proposal: Resource Review Process

Dave Mohler MOHLER at graceland.edu
Wed Jul 18 06:41:06 EDT 2007

A couple of concerns:

-	Would it be appropriate/important to specify in the policy that
the "results of the review" communicated to the organization in
paragraph 3 include the list of resources required to be returned?  (And
I realize the intent is to require an amount of resources to be returned
and allow the organization some flexibility in determining which
specific blocks of IP addresses they could most easily return consistent
with the policy requirements.)

-	Paragraph 5 doesn't give any timeline in relation to paragraphs
3 and 4.  For instance, if ARIN notified someone yesterday and they
don't voluntarily return the resources today, would ARIN be authorized
by this policy to start the 6-month clock of paragraph 6 as early as

-	Is it the intention of paragraph 8 to require legacy resource
allocations to be reviewed with an organization's non-legacy resources?
What about an organization whose only IP allocation is as legacy?  Would
a review of these legacy resources be valid only upon the organization's
application for additional IP addresses?  (Would this review be
triggered by new or existing policy associated with application

-- Dave Mohler

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