[ppml] v6 Multihoming (was Re: IPv4 "Up For Grabs" proposal)

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Wed Jul 11 20:48:34 EDT 2007

William Herrin wrote:
> Because of the change in how IP addresses are justified and assigned,
> the IPv6 DFZ has only a couple thousand routes and is expected to have
> fewer than 100,000 routes at full deployment. This will make it
> possible for folks on the DFZ to both spend less money -and- do a
> better job of keeping the Internet stable.
> The hitch is: until IPv4 goes away, you're not talking about 100,000
> routes. You're talking about 100,000 IPv6 routes PLUS 220,000 IPv4
> routes. So it gets worse before it gets better and until IPv4 goes
> away, it doesn't get better.

So... explain multihoming in an IPv6 world to me.


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