[ppml] IPv4 "Up For Grabs" proposal

John Paul Morrison jmorrison at bogomips.com
Wed Jul 11 20:44:43 EDT 2007

William Herrin wrote:
> For one thing, every subprocessor on every router in the DFZ has to
> have enough memory and horsepower to manage 220,000 routes.
Even MPLS P routers/label switch routers, which do not run iBGP at all, 
and have at most a few thousand OSPF or IS-IS routes?
These routers are basically invisible to the DFZ but yet they carry a 
lot of traffic with none of drawbacks of carrying those routes.

This seems to put the "B" back in Border Gateway Protocol, so that it's 
at the edge where it belongs.
> For another, every time one link in the DFZ comes up or goes down,
> routers potentially across the entire DFZ have to rearrange all
> 220,000 routes so that they follow the new best paths. While this
Isn't that why dampening was invented? Your route flaps, that's your 
network's problem, not mine.
> process completes there can be routing loops and dead zones where the
> Internet is just plain broken. The more routes there are, the longer
> it takes to complete.

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