[ppml] Why ULA-* will not harm the DFZ

Steve Feldman steven.feldman at cnet.com
Tue Jul 10 19:31:03 EDT 2007

Randy said:

>> ...  ULA is policy, not technology, ...

And Michael responded:

> ... The point is, that ULA-C doesn't exist until IANA
> allocates the address range and that doesn't happen until the IETF
> publishes an RFC.
> ...

But is that really true?  ARIN somehow got an allocation to use
for 2005-1 PI space, after all.

In any case, as an operator interested in the policy, and who has
2005-1 PI space and might choose to take advantage of ULA-C space
if it's offered, I thank Marla for bringing the discussion here.

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