[ppml] Why ULA-* will not harm the DFZ

Azinger, Marla marla.azinger at frontiercorp.com
Tue Jul 10 17:59:34 EDT 2007

Michael-  I am sorry if you find this bothersome.  However, I purposely did this for the following reasons.

1.  What Joe wrote was informative to many interested parties of the ARIN community who have been actively participating in this discussion on ARIN ppml.

2.  This was posted to ARIN ppml due to the nature of the subject.  It is of interest and will possibly effect ARIN policy.

And thank you.  I do participate in the IETF WG and I will be at the next IETF.

Marla Azinger

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> 1. Either designate space FC00::/8 as ULA-central and finish 
> the documentation and processes needed (which their is a 
> draft in front of IETF right now). 
> 2. Or release space FC00::/8 for another type of use (becuase 
> sitting on the shelf is wasteful) 3. Or maybe double the size 
> of statistically unique ULA.
> Ok. Those are my thoughts.  Fire at will.

Either participate in the IETF WG or step aside and let others do that.
But please don't cross-post between the PPML and an IETF WG. The
discussion belongs in one place or the other, not both.

Given that the IETF is working through 2 or 3 variations of
ULA-centrally-registered at the moment, it does not seem worth our while
to discuss this on PPML.

--Michael Dillon
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