[ppml] Policy Proposal: Authentication of Legacy Resources

Peter Eisch peter at boku.net
Tue Jul 10 01:35:05 EDT 2007

On 7/9/07 4:04 PM, "Andrew Dul" <andrew.dul at quark.net> wrote:

> While I agree that we shouldn't be taking away information, the fact that
> approx. 50% of the legacy records have not been updated since ARIN's inception
> tells me that more needs to be done to make sure that the records are updated
> as best as possible.   This policy is an attempt to conduct an outreach to
> legacy resource holders with some consequences for not taking any action.

The information in my records are, oddly enough, still correct and valid.
Are we required to change them regularly even if it isn't a material change?


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