[ppml] Policy Proposal: Authentication of Legacy Resources

John Curran jcurran at istaff.org
Mon Jul 9 22:20:31 EDT 2007

At 7:24 PM -0400 7/9/07, Dean Anderson wrote:
>Perhaps this custodianship should be changed once again, or at least put
>up for bid periodically, so we can have some new management once in a

New management (both at the board level and at the advisory council
level) is encouraged; in fact, we're approaching that time of year...
(See: https://app.arin.net/election for the time line for nominations)
Anything that you can do to get more qualified candidates is welcome!

In terms of complete organizational replacement, there are times when
such may be called for...  I frankly don't think ARIN's there, but if you do
and would prefer to work on an alternative model rather than evolving
the current one, you have every right to do so.   I'd start by gathering a
group of similar minded folks, defining the problem, putting together a
concrete plan to address it, and then going to one of IANA/ICANN(/DoC?)
to discuss the matter.

ARIN has a specific mission to accomplish with respect to stewardship and
administration of Internet number resources, so if you've got a better way
to accomplish it, go forth.  In the end, it's making sure that the job gets
done that really matters.


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