[ppml] Policy Proposal: Authentication of Legacy Resources

David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Mon Jul 9 22:07:20 EDT 2007

> ARIN staff has asserted that a large percentage of the record
> hijacking attempts are made on Legacy space records specifically
> because contact information is out of date.  When ARIN staff detects
> these hijacking attempts they must attempt to find correct contact
> information, which has been reported as difficult in many cases.

I would love to see a general consensus on the outline of a mostly-carrot
approach to get legacy address holders back into the fold and allow them to
keep their contact information up-to-date.

I see this as the biggest problem though. If the cost to legacy address
holders are too high, they won't bother. The carrot of renewed legitimacy
only goes so far.

ARIN would have to make sure that the people contacting them to 'update' the
contact information on each legacy block are in fact entitled to that block.
If that is an expensive process, the cost will have to be correspondingly
high. That could be the deal-killer right there.

It would be nice to get some kind of estimate of how much that would have to

David Schwartz
WebMaster, Incorporated

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