[ppml] ARIN Outreach to Legacy Holders

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Sun Jul 8 20:43:49 EDT 2007

> > i think the reason there are no instructions is that we don't know what
> > they should say.  ...
> ... along the lines of:
> "As an original owner of a legacy address space block you may
> continue to use the address space forever for your own purposes.
> As a legacy holder you will not be subjected to ARIN's policies for
> legacy space holders for the legacy blocks only, and will not be
> subject to audit by ARIN for those legacy blocks.

here, you make it seem that if someone has a legacy /16 at 1% utilization
it will not affect their ability to apply for new RSA space.  is that what
you intend?

> Any sale, lease, or transfer of the block or a portion of the block
> to a party outside the original owners control will require that
> the new recipient sign a current RSA and agree to abide by all of
> ARIN's policies for address space assignment.

this is redundant to current policy, and should be marked "as a reminder".

> Failure to maintain contact information for the block, or to pay
> the $100 per year maintenance fee will result in forfeiture of the
> block.  The $100 per year fee will never change."

so you're telling a family who owns a new york city taxi medallion that
they can no longer pass it from generation to generation, nor sell it on
ebay for USD 500K, and you expect them to sign this why exactly?

> Quite simply, an original legacy holder gets their (so claimed)
> implied contract put on paper, and we codify in that paper that it
> is in fact a non-transferable agreement.  I think for the legacy
> holders to have a formal contract with that written down would be
> seen as a huge win for them, and would constitute giving them
> something.  At the same time, they would be under an RSA, and ARIN
> would have a legal stick to help curtail any black market in IP's
> that may appear.

i'm all for protecting the DFZ from the deaggregation implicit in
a black market.  but negotiating the terms is going to be tricky for
a number of reasons.

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