[ppml] Incentive to legacy address holders

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Fri Jul 6 14:55:33 EDT 2007

At 12:53 -0500 7/6/07, mack wrote:
>One way to add incentive to legacy address holders would be to withdraw
>reverse DNS support.

This is 540 degrees from the right direction.

Representing legacy holders in the registry benefits members as much 
as the legacy address holders.  If the legacy space is not in the 
registry, it becomes "mystery space" and that is not helpful. 
Penalizing legacy space holders for their early adoption is an 
inappropriate way to thank them for being pioneers - okay, maybe they 
aren't the pioneers now, but the somewhere along the way the pioneer 
experience and burden has probably come along with the legacy space.

Legacy holders ought to neither be coerced nor badgered into becoming 
part of the RSA'd crowd.  They got the space they have "fair and 
square" and (probably) had to pay their dues in experience.  The 
"burden" of them being in the registry ought to borne by those of us 
who rely on the registry (in the sense of "garbage in, garbage out").

Don't penalize database updates.  All that will do is discourage 
anyone from putting accurate and up to date data in the database.

If there is a real need for legacy holders to sign RSA's and let 
their space be treated as RIR allocated space, then the real need can 
be translated into a benefit to offer the legacy holders.  Why would 
I voluntarily take on responsibility (signing the RSA) and cost (a 
maintenance fee) unless I get something in return?

I am all for making the process of joining ARIN clear.  I'm all for 
encouraging legacy resources to be brought under ARIN's policies. 
I'm all for outreach, a membership drive.  But I am against any 
pressure or penalizing tactics to accomplish this.
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