[ppml] ARIN Outreach to Legacy Holders

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Fri Jul 6 11:09:02 EDT 2007

There ya go..  just spam them with a tried and true method..  

"You have been pre-approved for a large block of IPv6 addresses at a
huge discount if you respond now.  Free T-shirt to the first 50
registrants.  Some restrictions apply." 

Then just put an RSA in the fine print..  





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> Leo Bicknell wrote:
> > In a message written on Thu, Jul 05, 2007 at 11:31:33PM 
> -0400, Keith W. Hare wrote:
> >> I've been the technical point of contact for our IPv4 /24 
> address for 
> >> some time.  I don't ever remember seeing anything from 
> ARIN asking us 
> >> to sign an RSA and pay a yearly fee.  So, I've refused to 
> respond to 
> >> an invitation I haven't received.
> >>
> >> I went to the ARIN web site to see what I would have to do 
> to sign an 
> >> RSA for our IPv4 /24.  I don't immediately see anything 
> that says "If 
> >> you are a legacy address holder, this is what you do..."  So, I've 
> >> refused to follow a process that isn't visible.
> > 
> > Keith makes an interesting point.  Should ARIN create a web page 
> > clearly linked off the home page with instructions on how 
> to sign an 
> > RSA and become a Member for legacy holders?  They could 
> then mass-mail 
> > all of the legacy holders with the web page.
> > 
> > For all of our attempts to do things with policy, is one of 
> the right 
> > things to do to get the community behind a suggestion that ARIN 
> > attempt some very direct outreach to the legacy holders?
> I think such a page and then spamming the legacy holders with 
> the information might be worthwhile.
> As ARIN would then be spamming them anyway with this 
> information, an additional incentive, like the one proposed 
> by Owen DeLong might be a good idea to spam along, also 
> raising IPv6 awareness to them.
> One could also go propose a "Sign IPv4 RSA for legacy space 
> at 50% of normal fees when also getting IPv6 space (under RSA+normal
> fees+justification)" option.
> Nevertheless, a good information page about legacy space, 
> what it is in the first place and how to easily get an RSA 
> signed for it, might be very worthwhile.
> Greets,
>  Jeroen

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