[ppml] ARIN Outreach to Legacy Holders

Keith W. Hare Keith at jcc.com
Fri Jul 6 10:42:06 EDT 2007

> In a message sent on Friday, July 06, 2007 9:52 AM,
> Leo Bicknell wrote:
> Subject: [ppml] ARIN Outreach to Legacy Holders
> Keith makes an interesting point.  Should ARIN create a web page
> clearly linked off the home page with instructions on how to sign
> an RSA and become a Member for legacy holders?  They could then
> mass-mail all of the legacy holders with the web page.

ARIN should definitely create a web page with information for legacy
> For all of our attempts to do things with policy, is one of the right
> things to do to get the community behind a suggestion that 
> ARIN attempt
> some very direct outreach to the legacy holders?

Yes, direct outreach to legacy holders is the right thing to do.

Policies are great (this is the policy mailing list, after all) but if
the people/companies to whom the policies are addressed don't know the
policies exist, the policies are are not particularly useful.


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