[ppml] IPv4 "Up For Grabs" proposal

James Jun james at towardex.com
Thu Jul 5 13:59:36 EDT 2007

> Either you want the RIR's to keep track of IPv4 forever 

You are confused.  RIR's keep track of their subscriber numbering resources
(in IPv4 and IPv6).  Legacy owners who are not members of the RIR are beyond
the scope of RIR responsibility.

If you want your policy proposal to have any chance of consideration, you
will have better luck submitting such proposal to the NRO for global
adoption and provide input to the IANA.  Ignorantly assuming that somehow
legacy holders are ARIN responsibility just because they are in ARIN region
is not helpful.

> - in which case
> the legacy holders could simply choose to never adopt IPv6 and the
> Internet
> would be stuck in dual-stack mode forever 

Who cares if they choose to not adopt IPv6?  People can continue to run
Arcnet and Token Ring as long as they have a need to, same goes for
IPv4->IPv6.  It is *their* responsibility as operator of their own network
to ensure that their customers and majority of Internet public as whole can
get to their services -- which means, they will be the ones responsible for
dual-stacking, not you (which by the way you still haven't even received
your IPv6 block from ARIN, why are you even advocating crazy rules when you
don't even care about IPv6?) or anyone else.

> - or you must agree that at some
> point the RIR's stop keeping track of it.  If you do agree the RIR's stop
> keeping track of it at some point, then what conditions must exist for
> that
> point to be reached?

RIR's are already not keeping track of legacy holders, simply because they
are not members controlled by the RIR.  The legacy holders can certainly
apply to become a member by signing an RSA, which then their addr space
would come under RIR's policies and be tracked in accordance to RIR


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