[ppml] Policy Proposal: Resource Reclamation Incentives

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Tue Jul 3 17:28:08 EDT 2007

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>There is no reason that ARIN can't perform for Kremen the exactly same
>as it peformed for Cohen. Performance for ARIN is just changing a record
>of assignment. Performance is done by a database change and appropriate
>paperwork. So ARIN's opposition to that doing that performance seems
>most unreasonable.  ARIN has already had opportunity to claim that it
>cannot perform, and the court has already rejected that claim, yet ARIN
>still refuses to perform the court order. There seems to be no
>justification for that refusal.  So I can't blame a court that throws
>the book at ARIN, and I have to wonder about ARIN management.

I don't.  What ARIN is doing is not national-specific and lawsuits regarding
it properly belong in the World Court, which is a body created to address
these international legal problems.

There are MANY national courts that make rulings against people and
companies, that are regularly ignored by those companies and people.
Everything from what's-his-name being considered a criminal in India for
publically kissing a girl, to Iran ruling that some other guy be
put to death for some book he published.  And shall I get into the rulings
out of Germany that make it illegal to talk about Hitler and Naziism?
Which are ignored in the US routinely?

A US court has no jurisdiction over North America.  ARIN is not assigning
IP numbers for the US, they are assigning them for North America.


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