[ppml] Policy Proposal: Resource Reclamation Incentives

Kevin Loch kloch at kl.net
Tue Jul 3 16:45:50 EDT 2007

Randy Bush wrote:

> and three years later, the holder decides to announce and it becomes
> lawyerville.
> there is a root problem.  rightly or wrongly, folk were given space with
> what we would consider today to be insufficient constraints on contact,
> fees. justification of need, ...  that was a contract, whether we like
> it or not.
> the world has changed.  we would like to change those contracts.  well,
> we're gonna have to *negotiate* that.  and acting unilaterally or
> arbitrarily will only polarize and make a mess we just don't need.

Legacy domain names were also free and free from any annual
renewal requirement.  That was changed without any negotiation
that I can remember.  Couldn't that same political process
be used to convert legacy address registrations to an annual
renewal system?

Maybe they lawyers could answer this: What IS the legal difference 
between legacy address space and legacy domain names?

- Kevin

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