[ppml] Soliciting comments: IPv4 to IPv6 fast migration

William Herrin arin-contact at dirtside.com
Tue Jul 24 15:28:13 EDT 2007

Hi Folks,

Following your comments and some helpful off-list discussion, I've
prepared a replacement for last month's "IPv4 to IPv6 Migration
Incentive Address Space" proposal. With some mild tweaks to the
existing 6to4 protocol, it seeks to address four problems ARIN faces:

1. The looming exhaustion of the IPv4 space.
2. Obsolete and incorrect legacy IPv4 registration and contact information.
3. Legacy IPv4 registrants don't pay their fair share.
4. The need to constrain route announcements in the IPv6 Default-Free Zone.

The current draft of the proposal is at:


Your comments, suggestions and constructive criticism will be greatly

Thanks in advance,
Bill Herrin

William D. Herrin                  herrin at dirtside.com  bill at herrin.us
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