[ppml] Incentive to legacy address holders

mack mack at exchange.alphared.com
Fri Jul 6 13:53:44 EDT 2007

One way to add incentive to legacy address holders would be to withdraw
reverse DNS support.

We can assume most legacy address holders use that space for a mail server.
Most mail servers are configured to require a matching reverse DNS before
they will accept mail from an ip address.  This is particularly true for
SPF records and other mail authentication schemes.  I am sure there
are other applications that similarly require reverse DNS.

Withdrawing reverse DNS would be a moderately strong motivator for legacy
address holders with a large number of mail servers.  Losing e-mail is very
costly for most businesses.  This could very easily cover the cost of coming
into compliance for some percentage of legacy address holders.  When e-mail
stops working people pay attention.

This is not as draconian as dropping them from whois or reissuing their space.
Combined with an appropriate carrot such as fee waivers this could be effective.

This of course should be after some outreach is attempted.
A percentage of legacy space is definitely abandon and there should be some
effort to reclaim it. This could be a preliminary step in reclamation.

LR Mack McBride
Network Administrator
Alpha Red, Inc.

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