[ppml] FW: 2006-7 IPV6 Initial Allocation suggested changes-InputRequested

Kevin Loch kloch at kl.net
Mon Jan 29 14:47:33 EST 2007

> Hi David,
> No, using address space from the upstream is not a solution. Example 1, this
> ISP has 2 or more upstream providers. Example 2, it has only a dozen of big
> customers with big networks, can't risk depending on the addressing space of
> the actual upstream (he may decide to change it later and will need to
> renumber all the customers).

One interpretation of "known isp" is having space reallocated (not
reassigned) to them via SWIP by an upstream.  Indeed this is usually
what startup isp's do today under v4 before they get an direct
assignment.    Wouldn't this work for the cases above?

If you are really that serious about having no v4 in this hypothetical
startup, what are you using for root dns glue?

- Kevin

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