[ppml] Policy Proposal: Changes to IPv6 policy - removal of "multiple /48" justification

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri Jan 26 20:38:10 EST 2007

Thus spake "Member Services" <info at arin.net>
> ARIN has not registered a large number of IPv6 reassignments.
> However, of those that we have registered, many of them are for 
> initial
> reassignments of multiple /48s to the same organization.  In fact, out
> of a total of 115 reassignment registrations, 56 of them are larger 
> than
> a /48.
> Currently, ARIN is not asking for justification for these larger 
> initial
> reassignments.  The policy text as written is unclear and contains no
> criteria for the RIR to use to assess justification.

I'd caution readers here that "multiple /48s to the same organization" 
might not mean that the LIR is attempting to allocate "larger than a 
/48."  It could be that those organizations have multiple service 
locations with the same billing address, e.g. a corporation using the 
Internet for inter-office connectivity.  This comes back to the "site" 
definition problem I just referenced in another message.

( This assumes ARIN's software provides a way to reassign a /47 in a 
single operation; all bets are off if that's incorrect.  Since I'm 
merely a member of the general public and not an LIR, I don't know. )

> To date, we have not seen requests for additional reassignments of
> /48s to the same organization. Our registration software however, is
> programmed to flag additional reassignments of this type.

If the number is "zero to date", then IMHO this proposal is a solution 
in search of a problem.  Until someone's request gets denied, we 
_cannot_ have a problem with the rules being too strict, only with them 
being too loose.

I'm not thrilled with the "not asking for justification" above, though I 
understand that's a logical result of the interim policy (as would not 
accepting _any_ justification).  I'd prefer that ARIN ask why, even if 
you're going to rubber-stamp the approvals for lack of criteria.  That 
may sound pointless for your purposes, but it'd help us figure out what 
kind of direction you need from us in future policy.  Once you've gotten 
a few real cases, you can present a "here's what we did and why, so 
change the policy if you don't like it" at the next meeting.

Still, thanks for the data, Leslie.  It's good to see what the impact 
(or not) our policies have on ARIN's operations.


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