[ppml] Policy Proposal: Changes to IPv6 policy - removal of "multiple /48" justification

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri Jan 26 14:03:19 EST 2007

Thus spake "JORDI PALET MARTINEZ" <jordi.palet at consulintel.es>
>> De: Andrew Dul <andrew.dul at quark.net>
>> While most LIRs are usually reasonable, to me it seems important
>> to include defined and somewhat rigorous criteria for the assignment
>> of multiple /48s and a requirement for the LIR to record this
>> justification for later auditing by the RIR when an LIR returns to 
>> the
>> RIR for an additional allocation.
> I believe the the LIR is reasonable also, and that's why I will much
> prefer to have them taking this decision. I'm not saying that the ARIN
> hostmasters criteria is not reasonable, but if we don't have a 
> concrete
> definition for "justified", and think is fair enough to keep trusting 
> the LIR.

If we provide no guidance to the LIR on what "justifies" a larger 
assignment, how can we expect them to be reasonable?  We haven't told 
them what we're trusting them to do!

> Otherwise, agree with you, let's work on a possible definition for
> "justified". Do you think we can find an agreement about that ?

I'd like that, just like I'd like a real definition for "site" (i.e. the 
location vs. organization debate).  I also think that the criteria for a 
larger assignment by an LIR should match the criteria for a larger 
direct assignment by ARIN; we don't have that either.

However, it's unclear that there is actually a problem here to be 
solved.  Absent a comment from the ARIN Staff that a non-trivial number 
of larger-than-/48 assingments have been referred to them, I propose 
that we not solve this "problem" until it actually exists and we have 
the data to show what exactly needs solving.

Along those lines, I also object to the removal of the "interim" 
designation from the IPv6 policies.  We don't know what the policies 
should be at this point, we still haven't fully defined what we think 
they should be, and we don't have enough experience to progress past an 
interim status.  Hopefully that will change in a few years, but it's 
reality today.


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