[ppml] Policy Proposal 2006-7: Changes to IPv6 initial allocation criteria - revised text

Martin Hannigan martin.hannigan at batelnet.bs
Thu Feb 22 01:41:53 EST 2007

> > I also question the commercial viability of an ISP that
> > does not   offer IPv4
> > services and plans to subsist for 5+ years on less than
> > 200   customers who
> > are so small they do not qualify for PI assignments. 
> > Asking the   ISP to make
> > do with PA space (for the year or two it takes to
> > deplete their VC   money) is
> > not unreasonable.  And, if they do somehow survive, they
> > will   qualify as
> > "known" and be able to get an LIR allocation anyways.
> >
> Again, I don't see how that is relevant to ARIN policy. 
> If the ISP   is not commercially
> viable, then, they will stop renewing their ARIN resources
> and the   addresses
> can be reclaimed (or, they will be absorbed by the
> acquiring   entity).  Either
> way, I don't see how ARIN should be passing judgment on
> peoples business plans.

That year or two is a risk buffer. Weakening or altogether 
removing start requirements increases the risk to the 
resources and the organization. 


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