[ppml] Policy Proposal: Removal of Ipv6 Operational Informationfrom NRPM

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri Feb 16 12:39:23 EST 2007

Thus spake cja at daydream.com
> I would like to have some discussion here about this.   For the time being 
> I
> have withdrawn this proposal.  The reason is that it seems that the
> information that it strikes is information that the ARIN staff uses to 
> help
> guide LIRs to assign reasonable blocks to their customers.  When an LIR
> assigns /40s to each of its customers just because, ARIN can point to
> the guidelines as to what more reasonable assignments are.

The original intent, IIRC, was to persuade LIRs from assigning _too small_ 
of a block to customers.

In the case of assigning a larger-than-recommended size, the policy already 
explicitly states that the LIR should send the request to ARIN for guidance. 
So far, according to Leslie, they have received none, but if they did they 
would rubber-stamp the request for lack of policy declaring what 
"justification" means.

> It is pretty much a given that this information needs to exist somewhere
> but it's not quite policy.  I'd like your thoughts about this.

True.  That text was copied verbatim from an RFC, and was an attempt to give 
the guidelines some teeth.  I think we've failed on execution there, but the 
idea is sound.  There _should_ be some policy on this, and one day we'll get 
around to writing it once we have a clue what it need to look like.


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