[ppml] Policy Proposal: Removal of Ipv6 Operational

Martin Hannigan hannigan at world.std.com
Fri Feb 16 02:12:22 EST 2007

> I think that the root problem is that the RIR and ASO have policy as  
> their
> only tool.

The ASO doesn't make policy, we follow guidelines to ratify it
according to the MoU signed between ICANN and the RIR's and the
ICANN By Laws.

> What I believe is needed is an additional tool.  If we add a  
> "recommendation"
> tool, then, we have the NRPM for Policy, and the "recommendation  
> repository"
> for recommendations.
> Policy should not dictate how an ISP/LIR operates it's business.   
> However,
> Best common practices and other recommendations could be collected
> in such a "recommendations repository" as a community resource without
> carrying the force or appearance of policy, thus removing the confusion.
> So, perhaps what is needed is a (rather large) policy proposal that
> does the following:
> 1.	Create the "recommendations repository" (please, come up with
> 	a better name for it).



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