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Policy Proposal Name: Modernization of ISP Immediate Need Policy

Author: Robert Seastrom
Proposal Version: 1.0

Submission Date: 22-Feb-2007

Proposal type: modify

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:
Modify NRPM to read:
	If an ISP has an immediate need for address space, and can provide
justification to show that the address space will be utilized within 30
days of the request, ARIN may issue a block of address space, not larger
than a /16 nor smaller than ARIN's customary minimum allocation, to that
organization. These cases are exceptional.
Current text of
	If an ISP has an immediate need for address space, i.e., the need
exists the day of the request, ARIN may issue a /20 if the organization,
such as a new company, shows justification. However, these cases are
ARIN staff and ARIN members have identified a few long-standing problems
with the Immediate Need policy.  This policy proposal attempts to
address the following concerns:

	* The Immediate Need policy only allows ISPs to qualify for a /20 worth
of space, when a larger size block may be necessary to provide proper
coverage for the proposed project.  An example justifying larger space
is an MSOs for which a /20 is insufficient to put an address block
larger than a /29 or /30 on each CMTS in a metropolitan area).
	* Conversely, this policy was written before the current multi-homed
policy (which allows allocations of /21s and /22s).  The Immediate Need
policy should allow assignment of smaller blocks of space if those are
	* The example used in the Immediate Need policy gives the impression
that an immediate need must exist the day of the request.  This seems
both unfair and unreasonable and should probably be changed to reflect a
realistic timeframe.			
Concerns expressed about the Immediate Need Policy but NOT addressed by
this policy proposal (but addressed in a subsequent policy proposal):

	* The policy as written allows ARIN to issue a /20 to an ISP only.
However, section 4.3.4. "Additional Considerations" of the End User
Policy in the NRPM states that "End-users may qualify for address space
under other policies such as Immediate need [] or
Micro-allocation [4.4].". In order to be consistent, the Immediate Need
policy language should be changed to reflect the fact that both ISPs and 
end-users can qualify under this policy.

Timetable for implementation:  Immediate

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