[ppml] Diving before ARIN San Juan

Owen DeLong OWEN at delong.com
Fri Feb 9 03:53:20 EST 2007

I know this isn't exactly policy related, but, I don't know of a  
better way to suggest this
to likely attendees.

If you're not considering attending the next ARIN meeting, disregard  
this altogether.

If you are, then, I'd like to see how many people may be interested  
in SCUBA diving
at least one, possibly both weekend days before the meeting.  San  
Juan is rated
in the top 5 for Beach Dives.  There are also boat dives that involve  
full-day trips
to more distant dive sites off the East Coast or Fajardo.

I have not been to PR before, but, I am looking forward to diving there.

I have not made any definite plans, but, if there's enough interest,  
I'll try and put
something together.

If you are not a certified diver, but, would like to try this, don't  
hesitate to express
interest.  This can easily be accomodated.

If you are interested, please send me the following information:

1.	Your name
2.	Your prefered contact email address
3a.	Are you a certified diver.
3b.	If yes, what level (SCUBA diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open  
Water, etc.)
4.	Will you be bringing your own equipment?
	(If yes, indicate anything besides tanks and weights you will need.   
If No, then,
	I know what you'll need (everything))
5.	If you have any preference on dates, dive sites, etc. Please  
express it.
6.	If you are certified Divemaster/DiveCon or above and are currently  
	would you be willing to take a leadership role in the dives?

I will tally up results I receive between now and Feb. 20th.  If  
there's enough
interest, I'll build a mailing list of interested participants and  
send you data
as it becomes available.  If there is not sufficient interest, I'll  
send out a
notification to that effect, and, will let people who did express  
interest know
what plans I make for myself and invite them to join if possible.

A bit about me as a diver...

I'm a PADI Assistant Instructor and a Master SCUBA diver.
My diving includes more than 300 dives in various waters around the
world.  Most of my diving is cold-water (Monterey and Southern
California), which is among the most challenging recreational
diving in the world. I also have tropical experience in fresh and
salt water around the pacific and Florida.


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