[ppml] Legacy /24s

Lee Dilkie Lee at Dilkie.com
Fri Aug 31 23:10:50 EDT 2007


no restrictive RSA?

no outrageous $100/yr scalper fee?

no justification of usage?

You're daft man!

A common sense proposal like this has no place on ppml.

{pardon my sarcasm, been here too long I guess. But being a /24 legacy
holder in the same shoes as probably many, this would fit the bill but I
wouldn't hold my breath}


mack wrote:
> I don't have the time to write it but I would support a
> proposal that gives legacy /24 holders a permanent IPv4 fee waiver,
> an efficient usage waiver so that they don't have to worry about reclamation,
> and allows assignment of an appropriate sized block of IPv6 if they
> start paying a fee after some specified date (ie. Jan 1, 2010) or whenever
> the regular IPv6 waiver expires if it is extended beyond this date.
> With the only contingency that the space be actively used in the DFZ
> or showing that the space is in use in a manner that cannot be readily
> replaced by 1918 space.
> I personally feel that the /24 space needs to be handled differently than
> the /16 and /8 space.
> 1) Because there are more of these than the others numerically.
> 2) Because there is no significant reclamation benefit if they are being used.
> 3) Most of these are individuals or small companies that don't have significant resources.
> The use contingency allows for private use in organizations that may find
> it difficult to convert to 1918 space.
> This would be neutral in overall effect.  It cost them nothing unless they want IPv6 space.
> It will encourage adoption of IPv6 by these users.  It will move a significant number of
> legacy blocks under a policy umbrella.
> This obviously would be for the 2008 timeframe.
> LR Mack McBride
> Network Administrator
> Alpha Red, Inc.
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