[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-21: PIv6 for legacy holders with

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Fri Aug 31 13:38:47 EDT 2007

Cliff Bedore wrote:
> It would not work for me.  I am not multi-homed.  I have a single DSL line to
> my upstream provider.  I know in the best of all worlds I would be but I'm not
> now.  I think the problem is that there are a fair number of legacy people who
> are like me.  They are probably /24s since that was what was given if you
> coouldn't justify a /16.

Ok.  In that case, would you be able to route an IPv6 PI block if you 
got one?  Is the inability to get IPv6 PI space holding you back from 
adopting IPv6?

I'm sure there are legacy /24 holders who wouldn't be able to get IPv6 
PI space under this proposal, but what I'm really trying to address are 
people for whom that is holding them back from adopting IPv6.


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