[ppml] Policy Proposal: Definition of known ISP and changes to

Cliff Bedore cliffb at cjbsys.bdb.com
Fri Aug 31 08:33:34 EDT 2007

> > > because folk with too much time on their hands spend some of it telling
> > > others how run their business?
> > 
> > Clearly the solution to widespread IPv6 deployment is to give
> > everyone who has a /29 of IPv4 space somewhere a /32 of IPv6 space.
> don't laugh.  recreating the swamp may be our only way forward.

In May, shortly after joining the is mailing list, I made the following

"If there is really a desire to get v6 started, ARIN should give every
entity that has existing IPv4 addresses equivalent IPv6 addresses under
whatever provisions they are under now, including no fees for
grandfathered PI addresses like mine."

I took a few shots for that but it sound like you're offering the same

After reading the list over the last few months, I'd change my proposal to
just offer it to those who want it rather than automatically give v6 to all
and I guess I'd accept an RSA to officially recognize the legacy status of the 
v4 addresses and the new v6 assignment. 

Everybody keeps talking about the huge address space for v6 but all that space
is wasted if nobody uses it.


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