[ppml] Free Market

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Sun Aug 26 11:08:23 EDT 2007

> Anyway, I don't buy all the "no authority" crap. If we can make
> people change their address and change their phone number if
> numbering plans change, there is precedence for touching legacy
> address space. Not that it matters much, because even if you reclaim
> EVERYTHING we'll still be out of IPv4 space before 2020 even ignoring
> growth in address use.

Well... I think you are missing some key elements here...

Phone Number changes:
	In order to have a phone number, you either ARE or have  a
	business relationship with a LEC.  The LEC has as part of their
	contract a provision for renumbering you in certain circumstances.

	If you are a LEC, then, you have a contract with NANPA which
	specifies similar terms, but, generally, you would actually be the
	one driving the renumbering anyway.

Street Address changes:
	Street Addresses are, generally assigned by the local municipality,
	county, or parish (Louisiana).  In this case, there is an actual
	government body with the authority to renumber your parcel.
	There's law behind such an action.

Internet Addresses assigned by pre-RIR registries:
	There is no contract.
	There is no law to support renumbering by a current registry.
	There is no clear inheritance to the RIR of any form of AUTHORITY
		over said assignments/allocations.
	There is a clear successor record-keeper role, but, that is not
		the same as authority.

So, given those differences, I do not think your oversimplification
of the issue to "if we can renumber telephones and streets,
then, we must be able to renumber IP" holds water.


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