[ppml] Free Market

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Sat Aug 25 22:22:59 EDT 2007

> The friendly folks over on the rrg at psg.com list have made several specific
> proposals for disentangling PI space from BGP including LISP, Ivip, eFIT-APT
> and my own entry TRRP. They change how PI is routed but they don't change
> its function. I can't speak for the others, but mine lays out an incremental
> implementation plan which doesn't require everyone to jump on board all at
> once and where the folks involved experience a direct benefit from each
> step: http://bill.herrin.us/network/trrp-implementation.html
> Proposals and visions for the future are on the table. Its just a question
> of picking one and seeing it through.

i may have misspoken.  from an ARIN policy standpoint, vision doesn't matter.
we deal here with things as they are, not with things as they might have been
if IPv6 LANs weren't /64's or if the A6 RR had survived, and not with things
as they might be if TRRP comes along.  what we, here, must do, now, is decide
to wait for better technology and stop trying to develop policy for present
technology, or develop the best policy we can with the technology we've got.
we could also, as a group, petition IETF for better technology, telling "them"
the ways in which current technology is hard to develop policies for.  and we
could also, as individuals, attend IETF meetings and try to help "them" come
up with better technology.  the important thing "we" can't do "here" is make
policy decisions based on technology that isn't an internet standard.

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