[ppml] And as for assignments...

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Sat Aug 25 12:17:11 EDT 2007

> I think you don't have tried IPv6 too much ..., otherwise I don't understand
> why you want to use /120.

i use ipv6 today.

> IPv6 has features such as autoconfiguration, CGAs, privacy, etc., which need
> /64 in each segment. So you don't really want to provide anything smaller
> than a /64, unless we change the specs and implementations work with the new
> specs.

i don't want or like any of those features.  dhcpv6 works just fine.  i use
autoconf because i'm too lazy to switch over to dhcpv6.  a /120 per LAN would
be just fine for me if there weren't so much spec-inertia in the "/64 per LAN"

that having been said, there's no way to put the IPv6 band back together at
this late date.  we're stuck with /64 per LAN, regardless of the goodness or
badness of that design choice.  i wish i'd known how to make A6/DNAME stick
in the face of opposition the way "/64 per LAN" did, but that's a different

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