[ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv6 Assignment Guidelines - version 3

Howard, W. Lee Lee.Howard at stanleyassociates.com
Fri Aug 24 11:20:46 EDT 2007

> Behalf Of Alexander, Daniel
> Address space size. It should be up to the LIR/ISP to make 
> those judgement calls as to the needs of itself and its 
> customer. We don't try to put these guidelines into IPv4. 

There has to be a limit documented somewhere.  I don't think
ARIN should allocate more address space to an ISP who blows
their /32 by assigning /30s to customers of all sizes.  I don't 
think the current policy is clear what that limit is.  I don't 
care what that limit is, but clear policy is needed.

We do put similar limitations on IPv4, requiring 80% 

Michael Dillon said:
> Why do we need to waste time on this problem now? 

ISP members have asked what they're supposed to do to make
sure they can get their subsequent allocation, should they
need one.  I think ARIN should be able to hassle an 
applicant for a second allocation if they've been stupid, 
but we need to document what "stupid" looks like.

Yes, that was a straight line.  Go for it.


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