[ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv6 Assignment Guidelines

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Thu Aug 23 10:24:43 EDT 2007

At 21:44 -0400 8/22/07, Leo Bicknell wrote:

>] LIR's may assign up to a /48 to an End Site.  End Sites requiring

 From my experience seeing policies generated, I think that no policy 
should proscribe what an LIR can/may or cannot/may not do in the 
manner suggested above.

"Assignments by LIRs no larger than /48 will not be reviewed by ARIN. 
Assignments greater than /48 will be reviewed to see if the 
additional space is warranted according to the 0.94 HD ratio policy. 
If the space is not warranted, ARIN will consider the excess space to 
be available for a different assignment, lowering the overall 
utilization score of the LIR."

Yes, maybe I am twisting words and that is all, but the focus of the 
policy should be on utilization measurement and not on the 
provisioning activity.

We should allow an LIR to be able to hold some /48's in reserve to 
accommodate expansion when they feel a particular customer might 
grow.  (I am not assuming that LIR == ISP.)  We want to leave that to 
the LIR as they better know the user of the space than ARIN.  Such 
reserves will have to be subjectively accepted by ARIN staff when 
calculating the HD ration.  I want to leave that to the discretion of 
the staff.
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